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Law Firm Solutions

Funding Solutions For Law Firms

Pro Legal Funding is here for all you law firm solutions. We help provide you with the financing you need to be able to prepare the best resources on all your cases. This includes law firm loans, case costs, advancement fees, and general expense needs.

Plaintiff Funding

Pro Legal Funding provides fast and easy plaintiff funding and is here for not only your pre- settlement funding and helping your clients alleviate the burdens of financial difficulties, but we also help give your clients the resources they need when insurance is not providing coverage to the care they may need. Let us help this process by having our skilled staff negotiate up-front cash prices on all medical assistance such as any medical procedures or facility fees. We are here to purchase any existing medical liens. Cases may take years to settle, and this gives an opportunity for medical providers to get the cash-flow they need, while your client receive the best care with our resources.